Fuel Efficiency Tips

Gas Pump


Earning the highest fuel economy possible is a goal all drivers should strive to achieve. Check out these money-saving fuel efficiency tips from us here at Dick Beard Chevrolet!

Combine Trips

Making multiple trips in one fell swoop can help save fuel. Running multiple errands at once without returning home in between can result in a significant increase in efficiency. Making a jaunt home in between errands results in wasted fuel and, as a result, wasted money.

Routine Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in peak operating condition is pertinent to maintaining maximum fuel efficiency. Fresh oil and a tire rotation can go a long way when it comes to engine performance, fuel economy, and ride comfort. Other maintenance items, such as a tune up, can help increase fuel economy as well.

Spending a little time and money on routine maintenance could pay off at the pump.

Slow Down

Everyone is in such a hurry these days that fuel efficiency tends to take the majority of the blow. Driving at high speeds results in a significant decrease in your vehicle’s fuel economy. While going 60 mph in a 55-mph area might not seem bad, consider that it could actually reduce fuel economy by nearly 10 percent!

That’s a pretty significant portion. Imagine paying 10 percent more per gallon of gas and decide whether getting to your destination a few minutes sooner is worth the cost.